Summer Camp


Summer Camp

Summer is growing season at the Naugatuck Y Summer Camp. Kids develop core values, learn new skills, make new friends, and have loads of fun in the process. It’s where kids grow as much on the inside as they’re growing on the  outside.

Program Days Start Time End Time
Camp Day Monday – Friday 9:00AM 4:00PM
Before Care Monday – Friday 7:00AM 9:00AM
After Care Monday – Friday 4:00PM 6:00PM

2023 Weekly Camper Themes

Getting to Know You
Our first week of camp will be all about getting to know each other. We will create arts and crafts that describe who we are and will get an opportunity to share with the rest of the group. At the end of the week, everyone will create a portrait of a friend incorporating what we learned about them during the week.
Under The Sea
Week two’s theme is All things Water!  Campers will experience and be involved in all things you find Under the sea.
Week three’s theme is Y-Olympic. A week long of fun filled competitions for children to do. A wide variety of gross motor to fine motor activities. End of the week we will have a huge celebration.
Camp Magic
Week four’s theme is fantasy themed.  Magicians, witches, and wizards to create camp magic!
Week five will be a camp Safari. Be on the lookout for lions, tigers, and bears!
Super heroes
Week six is all about channeling your inner super hero!  Campers will be encouraged to dress up, and experience the life of a super hero!
Blast from the Past
In week seven, campers will hop in a time machine and have fun with history.
Out of this World
In week eight we are going into outer space with all things Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.
Dinosaur Takeover
In week nine we’ll go back to the prehistoric era and embody archeology. 
Farewell Carnival
During our final week it is time to say goodbye to summer.  But what better way to do that then a carnival! Enjoy fun filled talent show and carnival like experiences..


Week Start Date (Monday) Theme 5 Day Member Rate 5 Day Community Member Rate Part Time Member Rate (M,W,F) Part Time Community Member (M,W,F) Counselor in   Training Member Rate Counselor in    Training Community Member
June 19 Getting to Know You $175 $246 $115 $165 $115 $165
June 26 Under the Sea $175 $246 $115 $165 $115 $165
July 3 YMCA Olympics $175 $246 $115 $165 $115 $165
July 10 Camp Magic $175 $246 $115 $165 $115 $165
July 17 Safari $175 $246 $115 $165 $115 $165
July 24 Super Heroes! $175 $246 $115 $165 $115 $165
Aug 31 Blast from the Past! (Decades) $175 $246 $115 $165 $115 $165
Aug 7 Out of this World! $175 $246 $115 $165 $115 $165
Aug 14 Dinosaur Takeover $175 $246 $115 $165 $115 $165
Aug 21 Farewell Carnival $175 $246 $115 $165 $115 $165


Naugatuck Y Camp Contact Information

Youth Development Director Monica Vitzoski 

(203) 729 9622 X 3007

Address: 284 Church St. Naugatuck, CT 06770

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