Swim Lessons

Swim Starters

Ages 6 months – 36 months

Accompanied by a parent*, infants and toddlers learn to be comfortable in the water and develop swim readiness skills through fun and confidence-building experiences, while parents learn about water safety drowning prevention and the importance of supervision.

A/ Water Discovery

Introduces infants and toddlers to the aquatic environment through exploration and encourages them to enjoy themselves while learning about the water.

B/ Water Exploration

Focuses on exploring body positions, blowing bubbles, and fundamental safety and aquatic skills.

Swim Basics

Ages 3-5 years old

Students learn personal water safety and achieve basic swimming competency by learning two benchmark skills:

1. Swim, float, swim – sequencing front glide, roll, back float, roll, front glide, and exit

2. Jump, push, turn, grab

1/ Water Acclimation

Students develop comfort with underwater exploration and learn to safely exit in the event of falling into a body of water in stage 1. This stage lays the foundation that allows for student’s future progress in swimming.

2/Water Movement

Students focus on body position and control, directional change and forward movement in the water while also continuing to practice how to safely exit in the event of falling into a body of water.

3/ Water Stamina

Students learn how to swim to safely from a longer distance than in previous stages in the event of falling into a body of water. This stage also introduces rhythmic breathing and integrated arm and leg action.

Swim Strokes

Ages 3-12+ years old

4/Stroke Introduction

Students develop stroke technique in front crawl and back crawl and learn the backstroke kick and butterfly kick. Water safety is reinforced through treading water and elementary backstroke.

5/Stroke Development

Students work on stroke technique and learn all major competitive strokes. The emphasis on water safety continues through treading water and sidestroke.

6/Stroke Mechanics

Students refine stroke technique on all major competitive strokes, learn about competitive swimming and discover hoe to incorporate swimming into a healthy lifestyle.


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