When is the last time you were thanked for being you? Doing what you do? Thank you. Two little words that can have so much impact. Two little words that take a mere moment to say, yet we so rarely say them. I want to take this forum to tell […]

Two Little Words

As I was wrapping up what seemed like the thousandth ornament I was struck by the quiet. No holiday music playing, no fanfare, no reminiscing over holidays past. My usually warm, cozy, lively house seemed empty and lonely. Cue the post holiday/winter blues. In remembering back to my childhood, I […]

Beating the blues

Happy New Year! So it’s that time. Time to come up with a new rule to live our lives by. I always wonder why people set themselves up for failure during this New Year’s resolution process. I mean, are you really going to be able to go throughout the rest […]

Resolution 101

Can you believe October is nearly over? I could focus on trick or treat safety, preparing for the holiday season, best financial steps at year end, or the approaching S word. Instead, I am going to remind you to focus on the “girls” in your life for the next few […]

Embrace your girls!

Well, as sad as the end of summer makes me, I must admit there is something about the days of autumn in New England. Warm sunny days followed by crisp cool nights. The hills, which as a runner really take on another meaning, become alive with vibrant colors and ignite […]

Traditionally speaking

As the first official entry to our blog I think it only fitting to talk about the changes that have been happening, some in plain sight, some behind the scenes, at our Y. We have all heard the quotes about change…”be the change you want” , “if we don’t change […]

First Blog Post