Annual Campaign Impact

2021 Annual Campaign

This year the Naugatuck YMCA community is 50% to goal of $225,000 and has raised over


 Thank you to all our donors!


Caren Bouchard

Charles Boulier III

David Rogers

David Kazalunas

Devin Lynch

Jack Betkoski

Joseph Divincenzo

Joyce Muray

Judy Mirrer

Karen Lineweber

Kathleen Mucha

Kathleen McPadden

Kenneth Healy

Kristin Stanziale

Lori Rotella

Marcelo Martins

Marie Solazzo

Marjorie Ross

Mary Ann Hau

Matt Fortney

Paul Fitzpatrick

Robert Dickson

Sheila Elser

Sherri-Ann Beck

Virginia Roberts

Youth Development

Annual CampaignWe believe that all kids deserve the opportunity to discover who they are and what they can achieve. In Connecticut, we know that over 100,000 children are unsupervised after school and 40% of our children are entering kindergarten unprepared for school due to their lack of preschool experiences. In Naugatuck we know nearly 17% of public high school students fail to graduate.

Healthy Living

Health and well-being are about balance. In our community we know that 1 in every 6 people is obese. The Naugatuck Y engages over 1,000 youth and 850 active older adults in physical and social activities yearly.

Social Responsibility

Bridging the gaps that divide people in our communities.  In our community, we know that 47% of children live in low-income families and 29% of seniors are living alone and isolated from friends and family.  Annually the Y involves 40 volunteer leaders in raising funds to ensure low income and socially isolated individuals can participate in Y programs.

Naugatuck Y Annual Campaign Contact Information

CEO Mark LaFortune

(203) 729-9622 X 15

284 Church St. Naugatuck, CT 06770

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