Two Little Words

When is the last time you were thanked for being you? Doing what you do? Thank you. Two little words that can have so much impact. Two little words that take a mere moment to say, yet we so rarely say them. I want to take this forum to tell you all about the staff of the Naugatuck Y and their unbelievable families and YES, to thank them.

As a manager you expect a certain level of dedication from your staff, right? They show up, punch a clock, do their job and go home. Well let me take a moment to say…that is NOT…I repeat NOT a YMCA staff member. These people aren’t doing their job’s for fame or fortune. Not even because of all the great perks. They are here for you, the community, because the Y is a part of their very being. They live and breathe the Y, our community. They believe what we are doing in youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, really makes a difference in the world.

That isn’t the most unique thing about our Y. What sets us apart is that family quickly gets caught up in the dedication too. Spouses are on call for support during events and activities, kids become volunteers, and parents….well they are just there to remind us that we are doing good stuff. The whole family becomes the Y. I don’t know of any other organization, non-profit or otherwise who’s call to action sees quite the same result as the Y.

If you see a Y staff member or their family members, please thank them for their hard work and dedication. They deserve so much more but I promise you that those two little words will mean the world to them.

Be well and be you.

See you at the Y.