Swim lessons for children aged 6 to 14 years old.


Primary Skills

1:8 class ratio (Beginner swimmer) Participants are introduced to the aquatic environment and learn basic swimming skills like front crawl kicking and arms, gliding from the wall with their faces in the water, and floating.


Stroke Readiness

Prerequisite: Polliwog or equivalent.

1:8 class ratio (Advanced beginner) Children must be able to swim 15 yards without flotation. Guppies will focus on learning proper front crawl technique with rhythmic breathing, increasing backstroke endurance, and improving sidestroke efficiency.


Stroke Development

Prerequisite: Guppy or equivalent.

1:10 class ratio (Intermediate) Swimmers must be able to swim with proper front crawl and back crawl technique for 25 yards. Minnows will increase their swim endurance while they advance their technique and learn breaststroke movements.


1:10 class ratio-Participants must be able to complete freestyle and backstroke for a continuous 50 yards, and rudimentary breaststroke for 25 yards. Fish will improve their freestyle and backstroke endurance, learn proper technique for breaststroke, and be introduced to butterfly.

Flying Fish:

1:10 class ratio- Swimmers must be able to complete a continuous 100 yards in freestyle and backstroke, 50 yards of continuous breaststroke, and 25 yards of butterfly.


1:10 class ratio- Swimmers must be able to complete a continuous 100 yards (with open turns) of freestyle with breathing to both sides, backstroke, and breaststroke. Participants must also be able to swim 50 yards of continuous butterfly with good technique. Sharks will focus on increased endurance, learning flip-turns, racing starts, and introduction to the 200IM (Individual Medley).


Teen/ Adult:

1:8 class ratio- This class is for teens and adults who have not had swimming lessons before or who are not comfortable in the water. Basic swimming skills and personal water safety skills are taught.


* All children must have either a full time membership or a program membership to register.

$60 Members

$80 Program Members


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