Swim Lessons for children aged 6 months- 5 years.

Parent/Child – Beginner/Intro Level

Ages 6 months – 36 months

1:10 class ratio- Our parent and child aquatic program is designed to teach basic water safety skills to children, and teach parents/guardians how to facilitate the learning of those skills during and outside of swim class. Our aquatic team is dedicated to providing a fun and positive environment for the children and parents.

Pike – Beginner

3-5 years old/ Water Exploration

1:5 class ratio- Child must be comfortable in the water with a swim instructor and independent of a parent for the duration of the class. Pikes adjust to the water and develop independent movement. Instructors teach basic stroke and kicking skills, floating and pool safety.

Eel – Beginner/Intermediate

3-5 years old/ Primary Skills

1:5 class ratio- Children must be able to swim five feet with face in the water with no flotation device. Eels are taught to float, kick and perform progressive arm movements across the pool.

Ray – Intermediate/Advanced

3-5 years old/ Stroke Readiness

1:5 class ratio- Participants must be able to swim 15 feet with his or her face in the water and no floatation device. Rays will focus on the improvement of front crawl, back crawl, sidestroke, and advanced water safety skills.

Starfish – Intermediate/Advanced

3-5 years old/ Stroke Development

Refining of strokes and rotary breathing while gradually increasing distance. Introduction to alternate kicks ( dolphin and breaststroke), deep water diving and safety skills.


* All children must have either a full time membership or a program membership to register.

$60 Members

$80 Program Members


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