Small Group Personal Training

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  • Small Group PT = groups of 2 – 4 individuals for direct lesson/training with the YMCA Certified Personal Trainer. It is developed for individuals who rather have a more personal class with a buddy or two, instead of a full group X class training
  • Sessions are sold by time; 4 month Time slot = 16 PT sessions 1x per week for 1 hour OR 32 PT sessions 2x per week for 30 mins.
  • Sessions are by appointment, if you miss an appointment it is lost. NO MAKE UP AVAILABLE.
  • Using equipment in the Fitness Center and in the Group X room, will enhance the fitness level for an obtainable goal
  • Full Fitness Assessment is included which will provide you with results and encourage you to engage in a continued path to a healthier life style change
  • Payment is expected upon registration.
  • Create your group, and call for your training assessment today!