Group Exercise Classes


A non-impact, intense class that focuses on building cardiovascular strength and endurance. Taught on a stationary bike, you will climb, sprint and train hard all while listening to incredible music and motivating instructors.

High intensity workout to get your blood pumping and your muscles ready and energized for the day.

If you like Boot camp and Kickboxing, this is the class for you.

Please refer to the Fitness Schedule (Click here) for dates and times of the classes.


Extreme Power Pump

A cardio and strength class which is a step up from Boot Camp.



See yoga listing in our healthy living category.


Aerial Yoga

Take flight and defy gravity while receiving a total body workout. Aerial Yoga helps to reduce stress on the joints & spine while improving posture, flexibility and overall body strength. For more information on class times and pricing (Click here).


YMCA workout

Increase cardiovascular and muscle endurance. Non impact choreography combined with upper body workout using weights and resistance bands. Great for beginners and older adults.


Boot Camp

Boot camp class is an energetic and high intensity 60-minute workout that is always changing. Some boot camp classes use no equipment, while others integrate more equipment.  Boot camp focuses on cardio and strengthening exercises such as running, burpees, pushups and many more. Whatever workout your instructor has planned, each exercise can be modified and you will be guaranteed a great workout.


Water classes

For water based classes, (Click here)

All class times and schedules can be found here (Click here)