First Blog Post

As the first official entry to our blog I think it only fitting to talk about the changes that have been happening, some in plain sight, some behind the scenes, at our Y.

We have all heard the quotes about change…”be the change you want” , “if we don’t change we don’t grow,” and one of my favorite quotes “Unless someone like you cares a who awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” (Dr. Seuss) They all strive to make the point that change is most definitely necessary. The staff have embraced this idea and things are changing.

To begin with the most obvious changes seems well… obvious so let’s start there. The pool area was renovated with new lighting, filtration system, new lane lines and a brand new look. The matting in the gymnasium was replaced, new lighting installed and the floors newly resurfaced. A face lift was received in the afterschool room, and the childwatch rooms. Fans were added to the cardio room to help with air flow and new equipment to the activity and youth room including a climbing wall (the staff favorite) and a balance beam. We are entering the 21st century at our member services desk with a new computer system and software that will integrate our brand new website (pst…YOU ARE HERE )with registration and data collection. This will help us better serve our members and improve traffic flow at the front desk and lobby area. (Don’t forget to get your picture taken if you haven’t already.~Cheese! 😎 )

Now onto the less obvious changes: we are expanding our programming which includes a running club, a golf program, open mic night, YMCA Youth and Government for our teens, free childcare for our members while they work out, youth drop in options including Fun Fall Fridays for our 5th to 8th grade community members, free lunches during our summer camp, longer care hours for working parents in both our school aged and pre-school areas, and two new support groups (Caregivers of kids with Autism and Friends and Caregivers of Dementia Support Group). We have added new health and wellness programming including prenatal yoga and are adding to our off site outreach, (you may have seen this on the Green this summer), and our new fall community engagement event (This is TOP SECRET but I knew I could trust you to keep the secret).

We are actively collaborating with area non-profits and businesses to help improve the well being of our community including but certainly not limited to offering flu shot clinics, community service options, guest speakers, and referrals for additional services.

“Challenges?” you say. We have those too. We have limited space for expansion (Can you say “good growth problems”?), so we are looking at options to address our projected growth. More importantly we have building issues that are consistent with maintaining a 1924 building including the need for a new roof over the pool, repairs to our boiler, better temperature control in the gymnasium, and an updated communication system.

This all, I’m afraid, requires more than creative financing, it requires community support. The Treasure the Y Capital Campaign kicked off in the spring of 2014 and we are just beyond half way to our goal. To make the upgrades and repairs necessary to continue providing programs and services we need your help. Not sure how to help, contact Cathie Mauritz @ (203) 729-9622 ext 27 or cmauritz@ Heck, call me. I’d be glad to help you make a donation to our campaign. 🙂

If you could look into a crystal ball what would our Y look like in a year?…5 years? You would see a vibrant community center that offers programming based upon the needs of our community, a growing endowment that will ensure the future of our organization, and many communities within our Y that think of the Y as family. Oh and yes….an indoor cycling studio!

Be well and see you at the Y.