Embrace your girls!

Can you believe October is nearly over? I could focus on trick or treat safety, preparing for the holiday season, best financial steps at year end, or the approaching S word. Instead, I am going to remind you to focus on the “girls” in your life for the next few days. Believe me they will thank you for the attention. Focus on breast cancer awareness for the women in your life.

In general, women have a hard time carving out time for ourselves and quite honestly if I am taking time for myself, I could think of something a lot more fun than having a mammogram or ultasound. We will find every excuse too. Too busy, no money, I hate doctors, mammograms hurt and the list goes on and on. This is where you step in.

This is the one disease that affects all of us. Everyone has a mom, sister, aunt, friend, daughter, granddaughter or wife. It is the most common form of cancer affecting women. Breast cancer is non-discriminatory effecting all races, ethnicities, income levels and family backgrounds. But, given new technologies and treatments, early discovery and treated mean survival rates approaching 100%. Let me say that again….if found and treated early breast cancer survival is approaching 100%!

With that astounding statistic in mind, I beg you to STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!! Yes, I am telling you to walk away from my blog. Pick up the phone and call the woman/women you love. Not sure what to say? Say this “I love you and want you to be in my life for a very long time….please be sure to do monthly self breast exams and make your appointment for your mammogram right NOW.” Embarrassment…pst.(insert eye roll here)  Pullleeeez. This is more important than an uncomfortable conversation. This can quite literally change a life.

Why are you still reading…..you should be dialing…

Be well and see you at the Y.